Rabbi Simcha Moskowitz

Born in San Diego, Simcha traded a life of surfing for a life of serving. He now resides in Borough Park, Brooklyn with his wife and 6 little blessings - Saadya, Sarai, Schlomit, Schmuel, Shimson, and Shmekel. When he's not performing mitzvahs, he's performing with his all-male improv troupe, "The Hahasids."

Rabbi Gary Sharon

Rabbi Sharon looks like he's all business, but when he's not in a finely tailored suit, you can find him in a bathing suit. The man loves to swim. He's as big a fan of the lake as he is the latke.

Rabbi Deborah Nissenbaum

You could say Rabbi Nissenbaum is "da baum." She and her glasses shatter the glass ceiling. One close friend describes Deborah as "sassy, classy, and a little badassy."

Rabbi Schlaum Mushky

Rabbi Mushky agrees there is no greater power than prayer. But don't underestimate the power of his biceps. He recently started doing CrossFit and he's obsessed. 

Rabbi Akiva Greenbaum

At 87, Rabbi Greenbaum is still incredibly fascinated by the start-up culture. He and his associate Schmueli are in the beta stage of developing a circumcision-based messaging app called Snipchat. 

Rabbi Ari Bobov

Browse no more and check out the 'brows on this guy.  

Rabbi Avraham Minkowitz

Rabbi Avraham Minkowitz puts the "ham" in Avraham. But not "ham" as in the non-kosher delicacy, lol. "Ham" as in "hamming it up" because he loves the spotlight. In addition to the one you see on his head, he wears many hats, including competitive ultimate frisbee player and a fedora. 

Rabbi Yosef Pearlmutter

Rabbi Pearlmutter is a mensch who doesn't even need a wrench. He lives life by one simple motto - work hard, pray hard. 

Rabbi Tovin Auslander

Rabbi Auslander loves the torah but he also loves a good laugh. The only thing longer than his beard is his list of quotes from the movie Wedding Crashers