Task Rabbi cured my fibromyalgia! My new vape helped too, I think.
— Michael S, Age 61, Brooklyn, NY

The Task Rabbi was incredibly pleasant and professional! Albeit, quite hairy. Really, I’ve never seen anything like it. His forearm looked like a dry eraser.
— Barbara F, Age 37, Falls Church, VA

Task Rabbi got me my dream: an audition on The Voice! He prayed for it to happen and also apparently used to play racquetball with the executive producer of the show, David Mendelson.
— Chelsea B, Age 23, Studio City, CA

Task Rabbi saved my relationship! Rabbi Auslander prayed for us, and now we’re having a kid together. Suddenly, faced with that, our occasional inability to communicate seems like less of an issue.
— Roger G, Age 43, Bethpage, NY

Rabbi Simkowitz hung my shower curtain. I have nothing but good things to say about him. I no longer understand why throughout history, the Jewish people have taken so much flack.
— Gary J, 42, San Diego, CA

Task Rabbi’s prayer cleaned my apartment and it’s completely immaculate. It was either him, or the fact that I’ve recently started taking Ambien before bed and I now do strange things in the night.
— Ramona K, Age 31, Des Moines, IA

I’d never met a Jew before Rabbi Moskowitz prayed for my couch to get moved down the stairs. Since he prayed remotely, I still haven’t. But I think I’d like to.
— Terry P, Age 46, North Forks, ND

It’s free? Shit.
— Daniel L, Age 12, Portland, ME